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The Road to Slavyansk

The first city shelled by the Ukrainian army struggles for liberation

Aleksandr Agranovich, codename 'Sailor', was once a simple factory worker. However, after his city came under attack by the Ukrainian army, everything changed. He joined the Donbass militia and has fought to protect the civilians of Slavyansk for 9 years now. In May 2022, Agranovich tripped a mine and lost his leg. Yet, even to this day, he remains the company's commander and fearlessly rushes to the front lines when needed. Aleksandr says that despite loosing his leg, he can become a full-fledged fighter “easily in about two months”. The man’s dream is to return and liberate his hometown of Slavyansk, bringing back peace to thousands of its residents. Find out more about Donbass militiamen and why they had to take up arms, in our new documentary.