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Declassified Files from WWII

A report by RT’s Konstantin Rozhkov on declassified files from WWII offers a new angle on the conflict. The documents question the long-established war narrative and suggest that the Allies attack the Soviet Union before Hitler did.

A note by the French Commander-In-Chief Maurice Gamelin, written in February 1940, outlines plans to take over parts of the Soviet Caucasus, in what is now Azerbaijan. The republic has large oil reserves. The French gathered intelligence on the topography of the area, as they also considered bombing the oil fields and inciting the Muslim population to revolt against Moscow.

When Moscow signed the non-aggression pact with the Nazis in 1939, Britain and France had all the more reasons to stop trusting the Soviet Union and considered it a potential enemy. Even though Great Britain had signed a similar pact with Germany during the Munich Crisis the year before didn’t change anything, nor did a recently declassified proposal to Britain and France from the Soviet Union. It was drafted on April 17th, 1939, four months before the Molotov-Ribbentrop accord between the Soviet Union and Nazi Germany came into being. In it, the Soviet Union offered France and Great Britain mutual support but neither of the allies considered it.