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Korea: Imposed Divide

Exposing the roots of the Korean conflict

What is the source of tension on the Korean Peninsula? RT America sent a crew to the Republic of Korea to look at the history of the Korean conflict on the ground and dispel myths commonly reported in the mainstream media. Follow RT’s Anya Parampil as she explores the roots of the Korean conflict, from Japanese colonisation in the early 20th century and the country’s division after World War II, to the Cold War-era Korean War and today’s ramp-up of rhetoric under President Trump. You’ll also learn about the South’s little-known shady past when it comes to human rights and find out how the country’s draconian national security law is being used to silence dissenters challenging the government line today.

Anya also talks with a variety of South Korean activists and government officials from across the political spectrum to find out how the US’ strong military presence on the peninsula, as well as its influence on the Korean conflict resolution, is perceived by the general population. They also discuss the prudence of the methods the US has been using to increase the pressure on North Korea, including sanctions, military exercises, and propaganda. The film also tracks the history and impetus behind North Korea’s controversial nuclear missile program, as well as the possible reasons the Obama administration installed THAAD missiles in the South.

To better understand the divisions on the Korean Peninsula today, as well as South Koreans’ views on how they could be resolved, watch Korea: Imposed Divide.