Mama, Take Me Home!

Maria and Sergey have been married for two years and they now feel ready for a baby. They can’t have children of their own, so they’ve decided to adopt and give a loving family to a motherless baby. However, there is so much to consider before they can fully commit to the goal.  The baby’s health has to be taken into account as many abandoned children have serious health problems. Not every adoptive parent is able to take responsibility for a sick child. That’s why it’s important for prospective parents to study the child’s documents before a first meeting as that may cloud their judgement, after all, adoption is a decision for the head as well as the heart.

Maria is not new to parenting, she’s already brought up two children but Sergey will be a first-time father. That’s what’s worrying Maria’s older children, that and the couple’s age difference, he’s 15 years younger than her! This is also Maria’s third marriage and her children fear the new baby might have the same experience of a broken home that they did. The would-be parents though are determined, things will work out and a new baby will complete their family. They have already set their sights on a baby boy who they’re sure is perfect for them. All their plans and hopes still rest on the official and legal procedures that have to be completed before they can be confirmed as parents and the process is far from quick. Undaunted though, the would-be parents prepare their home, hopefully to welcome their newest arrival.

They still harbour some fears and doubts about their own abilities but after much soul searching, they are confident that this is what they want and are prepared to do all they can to give a little boy a safe and loving home, if the authorities let them!