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Erick’s List: Moscow Metro

Underground wonderland and Europe’s largest subway to boot

Often praised as one of the world’s most architecturally intriguing, the Moscow Metro is also technologically advanced. And, thanks to the recent wave of expansion, with its tracks extending over 400 kilometres, it’s become the largest one in Europe. RT journalist Erick Fonseca Zárate ventures underground and takes part in digging new tunnels, exploring its many stations, each with its signature look, discovering facts Muscovites will find intriguing.

Launched in 1935, the Moscow Metro started with just one line that stretched a modest 11 kilometres. Nowadays, it boasts 14 lines, three of them circles, with the outer ring still under construction. The Moscow Metro carries 9 million passengers a day and is by far the most efficient means of transportation that can get one across the city, not being prone to traffic jams or delays.

Erick wouldn’t be himself if he didn’t meet some stunning personalities during his explorations. He vies with the Winner of the Moscow Metro marathon for the first place in a race around the metro, hitches a ride in the cabin of a train operated by a woman driver, and even meets a recent social media sensation – a Spiderman throwing impromptu performances on train cars.