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Train to New Year

Celebrate the New Year in style on Moscow-St. Petersburg overnight train

What’s the best place to spend the New Year? For some, it’s on a train, away from the stresses and expectations that come with hosting the traditional party, and from the same old faces that crop up year after year. For those people, the Moscow-St. Petersburg night service, which runs every night, including New Year’s Eve, provides the perfect escape.

RTD jumps on board what turns out to be party central. In the open sleeper carriages, the traditional Russian platzkart, travellers are whipping out party food and drink and getting in the mood. Some have come equipped with seasonal costumes and presents for the strangers with whom they are thrown together.

They all have their reasons for being there. For the attendants, it’s part of their job, though some go beyond the call of duty. Some passengers have long planned to be there but for others, it’s a spur-of-the-moment decision, or even… a mistake.

Some revellers are travelling in pursuit of love, while others are running away from heartbreak, and not in the mood to celebrate. Regardless, their fellow passengers are on hand to play agony aunts, or even to give them hope that the New Year overnight train can bring luck in matters of the heart.