The Hague – News Team Ep.86

Irina Galushko is in the Netherlands, where she investigates a story related to the financial and social crisis in the EU. Visiting The Hague and Amsterdam, she tries to judge the mood concerning migration and multiculturalism. In the capital, she meets an anti-immigration politician, who is eager to share his tough stance on the issue.  She also talks to a local blogger who invites her for a stroll in a well-known Muslim quarter dubbed the “Sharia triangle”, situated as it is between three mosques.


Meanwhile, Paula Slier goes to an Iraqi refugee camp that has been set up to help those fleeing ISIS militants. In the UNICEF-run tent city in Erbil, Iraqi Kurdistan, she speaks to victims of the terrorist group who barely got away with their lives after their families were killed. These are the people who are likely to become migrants seeking shelter in Europe. 

News Team is not just a privileged view into how the news is made, but also provides unflinching insight into the personal lives of those who make it. After watching News Team, no RT broadcast will ever seem the same.

The series was independently filmed by Emmy-nominated Josh Silberman. Named Producer of the Year by the Producers’ Guild of America in 2011, Silberman has been a key figure on leading US shows Fear Factor, America’s Got Talent, and Dancing with the Stars. He has also produced acclaimed extreme series Deadliest Catch and Ice Road Truckers, but says News Team is the most “extreme, real and unpredictable” show he has ever been a part of.