Tanks: Born in Russia (E12) Kirill and Vladimir get to drive their tank & learn the results of the competition

Both of the trainees are excited about driving the tank they had reconstructed. Kirill undergoes a rite of passage into the tank hold. While Vladimir has a good time at the range, his wife gives birth. Kirill is ready with his plan to propose to Alyona. The foreman of the tank shop has finally decided which one of the two men will be given the job.

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Two factory workers, Kirill and Vladimir, compete for a job in Uralvagonzavod’s prestigious tank workshop, the largest tank manufacturer in the world. They are both lucky enough to be offered work placements, although there is only one permanent position up for grabs. Kirill is a novice who’s relying on beginner’s luck to see him through.

Vladimir, on the other hand, has been at the factory for three years and hopes that his experience will count in his favour. A promotion would be especially valuable to him as his wife is expecting their first baby; a move to the tank workshop would mean they could afford to buy their own home. Rooting for Kirill are Alyona and Lera, his girlfriend and her daughter. Two men, one prize, both are determined to win.

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While Kirill and Vladimir’s careers are just taking off, one veteran tank could be facing the end of the line. The seasoned combat vehicle with the name ‘Vasya’ on its turret arrives at the factory. This T-72 battle tank has been sent to Uralvagonzavod to be assessed for renovation. It comes with a message. As the only tank in the regiment to have been in action, the soldiers are pleading for it to be given a new lease of life. However, it remains to be seen whether the damage to ‘Vasya’ can actually be repaired…