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S-400 Classified Missile Production

How a classified missile for the world-famous S-400 Triumph complex is made

Anti-aircraft guided missiles for Russia’s renowned S-400 Triumph air defence complexes are assembled at the Avangard factory in Moscow. RT’s Yulia Shapovalova took viewers on a tour of the plant that was a top secret facility in Soviet times.

Avangard is one of the world's oldest manufacturers of anti-aircraft missile weapons, which is turning 80 in January 2022. It appeared in the heat of the Great Patriotic War. It is the only company producing anti-aircraft guided missiles for the S-300 Favorite and S-400 Triumph air defense systems.

The S-400 systems are supplied to the Russian Army and exported as part of military-technical cooperation with foreign countries, like China, India and Turkey. S-400 system’s major uniqueness lies in their guided missiles. Without Avangard products, Russia’s most famous air defense systems in the world s-400 Triumph would be unarmed. The main striking elements of the s-400 are produced at the Avangard plant.

The s-400 Triumph beats all existing air defence systems. It’s operational range is 400 km and It can detect any targets at a distance of up to 600 km. It tracks objects that fly with a maximum speed of 17.3 kms per hour (or 4.8 metres per second) meaning they can intercept hypersonic weapons.

Take a tour of the once top secret facility and learn how the classified missiles for legendary S-400 are made.