6 best bear documentaries show you all about the cutest pandas, polar and brown bears

With RTD’s bear documentaries, you can get close and personal with brown bears, panda bears, or even the odd polar bear. Whether you long to cuddle an adorable furry teddy bear or fear being gobbled up by the world’s largest land-based carnivore, if you go down to the woods today with RTD’s bear documentaries, you’re in for a big surprise!

Bear documentaries on RTD
Who's been eating my porridge? Carers have to avoid bonding with the bear cubs they feed if they want the animals to be able to function safely in the wild.

Our films take you on a visit to a pioneering brown bear orphanage in Russia where you can learn how to hand rear cubs without compromising their future in the wild. They also show you how China’s groundbreaking giant panda breeding programme saved the smoky-eyed mascots from extinction. As for polar bears, they sometimes give themselves walk-in parts in our Arctic documentaries.