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Come Drift With Me

The brutal battle for the Russian Drift Series crown

Drift car racing is happy mayhem where drivers slide around corners and bash each other in pursuit of style points. Born in 1970s Japan, the sport has now spread around the world, including Russia.

A yellow car and a black car skid round a bend in a stage of the Russian Drift Series car racing championship
Drift racing is growing in popularity in Russia, as the success of the Russian Drift Series shows.

 With RTD, follow top competitors Fedor Vorobyov in his vintage Lada and Ilya Fedorov in an orange Nissan as well as young executive Alexandr Dmitrenko as they sacrifice all for the top slots in the Russian Drift Series. As the racers burn up the track in highly tuned retro Soviet models or sleek BMWs, RTD finds out why they keep on patching up their rides and coming back for more.