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Dr Donbass: Behind the frontline

Heroic routine of Donbass medical units

Alinat is a young field doctor in Donbass. She treats both soldiers and civilians. 'The injuries are all completely different. At first I had to try to grasp it somehow, but now it's getting a little easier. Anyway, there is still a lot to learn, a lot,' says Alinat as she talks about her daily routine. She and her family didn't support the government coup and have always been pro-Russian. When Ukrainian tanks came, they only made things clearer. Now she does her best to relieve the suffering of as many people as possible and pray for her brother, who has joined the Donbas s militia from the first days of the civil war, to be safe. 'The hardest thing is when patients die, because they are all young, they are in fact healthy when they come here. They’re someone's brothers,' she says. Learn more about her and other courageous doctors who risk their lives to save others.