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Heroes of Donbass. Battalion Commander

An ex-businessman’s rise from a private to a respected leader

Alexander used to be a successful businessman featured on the cover of many business magazines. However, when the special military operation began, Alexander and his wife Anya could not sit idly. Alexander, with codename 'Wingman', volunteered to join the Chechen 'Akhmat' battalion to fight the Ukrainian nationalists in Donbass. In a short time, he rose from a private to commander of a battalion of 400 soldiers . In the meantime, the Commander’s wife Anya started to raise funds for the necessary equipments and apparatus needed to help her husband mission. Moreover, despite relentless shelling and constant danger, Anya lives with her husband in Donbass and supports his every move. Where does this couple find such courage and will to stay together in such turmoil?