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119 Lives Unlived. Ceesje Drenten

I had wondered how Flip, who was in Molengoot camp behind barbed wires, was able to send letters out. There was a twelve-year-old Christian girl, Ceesje Drenthen, who at risk to herself would come to the camp at night and near the toilets at the far end of the camp, meet the boys who would pass her their letters through the barbed wire. They would tell their commanders they were going to the bathroom and instead meet Ceesje there. Today she is 85-years-old. She points out to me where the toilets had been, where she’d reached through the barbed wire and how she'd felt driven to help these boys. She remembers Flip and told me the boys in the camp called him "Flippie" - that he was always joking. She says she’d hide the letters under her dress and then go and post them from a nearby post office.

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