Top 3 Soviet Leaders documentaries look at the men in charge of the USSR

No sooner had the Soviet Union been founded than the leaders were being lauded and derided in equal measure. We know what is written in the history books, but how close is that to the truth about these enigmatic figures. RTD’s Soviet leaders documentaries try to unmask the real men who wielded power in the Kremlin.

1. The Mystery of Stalin’s Death

Joseph Stalin was a ruthless leader who had his rivals killed to gain power. Once established as the Soviet leader he ruled with an iron fist, putting fear into anyone who challenged him. However, there’s still a shadow surrounding his death, which is examined in the documentary The Mystery of Stalin’s Death.

2. Lavrenty Beria: GULAG Monster

The life of Stalin’s henchman Lavrenty Beria is explored in the historical documentary Lavrenty Beria: GULAG Monster. The man who was tasked with imprisoning millions of undesirables in the GULAG system was a complex character. The investigation into his mysterious life and death reveals some surprising facts.

3. Nikita Khrushchev: Between Black and White

Love him or hate him; no-one can ignore the legacy of Nikita Khrushchev. The documentary Nikita Khrushchev: Between Black and White, looks at the many sides of his personality, and how he used a homely persona to good effect in fooling other world leaders to underestimate him.