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This is China: Chinese Speed

China's high speed rail breakthrough

In China, the future of high-speed rail is already there. China Railway High-speed trains (CRH) reach the highest commercial speeds in the world. Its latest model, the Fuxing, or Rejuvenation train, which is locally designed, can reach 350 km per hour. And over the last decade, its high-speed rail network has been expanding at a breakneck pace to become by far the largest national network. 

With RTD, you can experience the service on the Beijing to Shanghai line and witness how CRH is already changing the lives of ordinary Chinese people. You can also visit a manufacturing plant and a design bureau, and hear from the drivers, designers and technicians behind the trains on how they feel about their work.

Warehouse stocked with Chinese high speed trains. Still taken from RTD documentary Chinese Speed  in the This is China series.
Chinese engineers have risen to the challenge of designing their country's newest high-speed trains in house.