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Ghana’s dancing teacher gets schoolkids to love maths through dance

Ghana’s dancing teacher, Percy Jackson, became a social media star after video clips of him dancing with his pupils went viral online. The trainee educator, who specialises in creative arts and maths for primary school children, believes dance is the best way to engage disaffected kids who fear a grim-faced teacher.

Ghana's dancing teacher Percy Jackson
Percy Sackey is everyone's dream teacher: he makes maths fun and memorable with his special dance moves.

RTD visits the “dance god” in Kwahu Obo to see what all the fuss is about. As both Percy and his young pupils get ready for school, they talk about their dreams and passions. During a maths lesson, the teacher gives the kids some moves they’ll never forget. Ghanaians dance to all life events, but will the craze for dancing through school catch on worldwide?

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