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Fatal Dust: U-238

Unveiling the human cost of depleted uranium used by US Army

In the documentary film, Fatal Dust: U-238, the devastating aftermath of NATO's relentless bombing campaign over Yugoslavia is laid bare. Depleted uranium bombs, a weapon beyond conventional explosives, wreaked havoc on the lives of those affected. Gradimir, a survivor of the Serbia bombing, shares his firsthand account of the relentless onslaught that left indelible scars.

Shocking investigations have revealed a surge in cancer cases where these destructive bombs fell. Despite overwhelming evidence, there has been a deafening silence and lack of accountability for the use of depleted uranium by the US and NATO. It begs the urgent question: Isn't it high time for the international community to break its silence and demand justice?

Join the ride from Serbia's streets to Iraq's solemn cemeteries, and witness the true toll of unjust warfare.