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The Republic of Texas

Inside the controversial secession movement that wants their home state to be independent

Before it was annexed by the United States in 1845, the Republic of Texas had been an independent state for 10 years. Now, a group of Texans calling themselves 'Texians' claim their country never actually lost its sovereignty and have formed a volunteer alternative government, complete with its own mint.

RTD travels to Austin, the state capital, to meet Republic of Texas Senator Bob Wilson and Land Commissioner Ed Brannum, who make the legal case as to why they still consider Texas independent and explain their different approach to governing, based on Texans’ famous self-reliance. Watch 'The Republic of Texas' and decide for yourself if they're right in arguing that minimal government can heal the United States’ social ills?

A red horsedrawn stagecoach with Texas and United States flags drives through a sunny street in Texas with low-rise red brick buildings in the background. Still taken from RTD documentary The REpublic of Texas.
Texas has a long tradition of self-sufficiency and small government. The Republic of Texas’s alternative citizen government wants to revive that pioneer spirit in the 21st century.