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Square Metre of Hell

Trapped inside Hong Kong’s coffin homes

Endless skyscrapers and high-rise buildings fill the Hong Kong skyline, one of the world’s most expensive cities to live in. Luxury and wealth though are way beyond the reach of thousands of residents who barely scrape a living.

Hong Kong's housing market
A shortage of land for building is just one of the reasons for soaring housing prices in Hong Kong.

Exorbitant property and rental prices drive Hong Kong’s low income residents into cramped apartments that are at best barely bigger than a coast cupboard and at worst almost indistinguishable from wire mesh rabbit hutches.

Hong Kong cage homes
Low cost “cage homes” in Hong Kong are no bigger than 5 square metres and still beyond the means of many.

For a inside look at what life in Hong Kong's cage homes and coffin houses as RTD visits the people who, somehow, actually live in them.