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Tanks for Kidneys

Investigating cases of organ trafficking in Ukraine

'Doctors Without Borders' appeared in Ukraine in 2015. However, after the international charity that provides humanitarian medical care for people in conflict zones entered the region, very few people seemed enthusiastic. Subsequently, 'Doctors Without Borders' turned out to be tied to the phenomenon of the so-called “ripper doctors”. The organization’s head also had a track record. Six years after the Kosovo war, former prosecutor of the Hague Tribunal, Carla Del Ponte, released a book blaming 'Doctors Without Borders' of human organ trafficking in Kosovo. ‘Hiding under the guise of a humanitarian mission, they engage in the deadly crime of organ trafficking, and made big money doing it’, reveals Goran Petronijević, International lawyer from Serbia. The documentary sheds light on the alarming situation surrounding organ trafficking and explores parallels between events in Kosovo and in Ukraine.