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Chasing Che

Glimpses of Che Guevara in his last days in Bolivia

Che Guevara has become an icon. You can find his face adorning T-shirts, pins, and even beer coasters. His name can frequently be seen blinking in neon lights above trendy clubs and coffee houses. It is unlikely, however, that the young hipsters and professionals that frequent these establishments in the world’s capitals of capitalism and consumerism could tell you much about the life of the man behind the name.

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In late 1966, Ernesto Che Guevara covertly came to Bolivia to incite a guerrilla war. But the man whose name has become a brand had trouble properly branding his message. Few understood that he wanted to help the country’s poor throw off their poverty and build a better life. 

The farmers didn’t seem to understand what it meant to “bring down imperialism” and the authorities painted him in Cold War terms, saying he had come to “establish a communist order.” In the end, he attracted very few peasants to his revolutionary cause and was captured and executed after 11 months.

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This film features the stories and impressions of people who met or had contact with Che Guevara during his Bolivian campaign. Through these snapshots of memory, you’ll have the opportunity to piece together a broader picture of the final months and days of this enigmatic, yet iconic figure, and gain insight into his legacy among the Bolivian people. 

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