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Pride and Piety

LGBTQ+ : is sexual identity a reason to be proud?

Is the LGBTQ+ pride parade merely an innocent display of love and acceptance, or can it really affect the young child’s psyche? While LGBTQ+ organisations claim it is nothing more than a celebration of diversity, its opponents see the hidden danger in such events.  

Elijah Harrod sides with the latter. He believes the parades have a dangerous effect. He used to be a trans-gender woman and his story is hardly about love and acceptance. Elijah believes one of the main reasons people join the LGBTQ+ movement is dueto sexual abuse they had experienced in their childhood. This is their way of dealing with trauma. He knows what he is talking about — his story is the same. He himself was abused by a family member at the age of 13. According to him, these parades are nothing more than their cry for help.  

The debate about where the freedom of expression stops and the abuse begins has been very fierce lately in America. Many parents deem it necessary to educate their children about LGBTG+ and even have drag queens give lectures on genders and same-sex parents. Opponents and religious leaders see this as a threatening sign that this all-encompassing acceptance may one day lead to any excuse for accepting any kind of behaviour, including paedophilia. Where is that line that can’t be crossed?