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Pride and Piety

LGBTQ+ : is sexual identity a reason to be proud?

“The LGBTQ community is having problems defending against paedophilia. Because, you know, if that's how they feel, if that's how they were born — they don't really have an argument. Because that was their argument. They're saying: ‘Hey, this is how we are born, this is how we feel and what we want to do. It can't be wrong.’ When they are asked the same question: ‘How do you answer about paedophilia?’ Now the paedophilia movement is going — they want to have the same rights. And we've already seen articles about how science is backing them up, saying that paedophiles are born this way, and that, with the right help, they can be cured,”  says evangelist Aris Balian.  

His idea stems from the statement by the LGBTG+ movement that everyone is accepted and loved no matter what they do and how they act. This idea has become the centre of the fierce debate, as LGBTG+ supporters claim pride parades are all about awareness and love. The opponents, on the other hand, see the hidden dangers in these public events, and draw parallels with the pride that led to the destruction the biblical city of Sodom and fear that kind of exposure of the LGBTQ+ ideas will once again amount to no good.