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Russian Roots, Mongolian Life

How a Russian community thrives in Mongolia

In Mongolia, the people observe ancient traditions and still respect the nomadic lifestyle of their ancestors. Many still live in yurts and participate in the annual Thousand Camel Festival. Additionally, people in the country are very hospitable and friendly. Many Russians came to Mongolia during the Soviet era, either as government officials, workers, or as part of educational and cultural exchanges. The documentary explores stories of three Russian families that moved to Mongolia. ‘To be honest, I knew nothing about Mongolia. And when I first arrived, we went to the Gobi Desert, and I literally fell in love with this country, because the nature here is incredibly beautiful. It just won't let you go, it's breathtaking’, recalls Elena. She moved to Ulaanbaatar more than 10 years ago. What does the daily life of the Russian community in Mongolia look like? How do these people manage to blend Russian and Mongolian culture within their families? What do they like the most about this ancient nomadic country?