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The Circumnavigation. A Trimaran for Two. Part 2

Russian daredevils spend three years at sea on a homemade vessel

Voyagers Evgeny Kovalevsky and Stanislav Beryozkin, the Russian sailing tourism champion, have sailed halfway around the world on a homemade trimaran. Together, they stand watch around the clock, fish for sustenance, and traverse the boundless ocean for over a year.

Occasionally, to take a brief respite, they bring aboard fellow travelers, but only those who are well-prepared and professional sailors— not everyone can endure the challenges of the ocean. In the second episode of the documentary series about their journey, their expedition continues in Brazil and Argentina. Evgeny and Stanislav not only travel, but along the way, they take measurements of radiation in local waters and conduct "Lessons from the Ocean" for all interested parties. “The ocean is 3.5 billion years old. And it keeps all the knowledge and information accumulated over all those billions of years,” says Evgeny. For him, this trip is not just a journey; it is the meaning of his life.