No job to small: Setting up in a new town - A Clown's Life Ep. 3

The Stars of the Ring travelling circus is setting up in a new town. The circus’ administrator, Vitaly, has selected a spot in the centre of town, though they’ve been warned it can be prone to flooding. They also have to deal with vendors of a nearby market, who aren’t happy about the circus encroaching on their territory. The circus’ owner and star clown, Vladimir Deryabkin, arrives from Moscow and promptly gets to work with a tractor to set up the big top. However, the tractor breaks down, and they must revert to sledgehammers to drive in the 80 giant pegs that hold the tent in place. Everyone is expected to help out when putting up and taking down the circus, but Sazonov the magician is tired after all the hammering and refuses at the end – leading Sergey to ban him from performing. It is already evening when the tent is up. Now they must simply wait to see how the tickets sell – and if it will rain.

Watch the film in Russian.