Top 5 Mexico documentaries giving a flavour of this vibrant country

With the most powerful country in the world as your neighbour, Mexico has inherited many of the troubles of the land to the north. RTD Mexico documentaries examine some of the pressing issues Mexico faces, including Central American migrants and flow of illegal drugs through its territory. Here are the top 5 Mexico documentaries you shouldn’t miss:

1. Narco-song of Sinaloa

The Mexican province of Sinaloa has become synonymous with illegal drugs. ‘Narco-song of Sinaloa,’ examines how the drug cartel has weaved its way into society. The infamous cartel has become a state within a state running Sinaloa by the point of a gun. Even the documentary makers are threatened when they start asking tricky questions.

2. US & the Wall 

The most contentious issue in US-Mexican relations has been the border wall proposed by President Trump. ‘US & the Wall’ talks to those for and against a physical barrier. However, the emotional barrier a border wall introduces can cause much hurt and sadness to families in the US and Mexico.

3. Mexican Boom Town

The Mexican city of Tultepec is where the sound of explosions is as familiar as car horns. The town is the capital of the fireworks industry in Mexico and holds a festival every year. ‘Mexican Boom Town’ looks at Tultepec’s signature craft and numerous accidents resulting from it.

4. Caravan of Dreams 

For thousands of people in Central America, the USA is the Promised Land. They trek north hoping for asylum in the US. ‘Caravan of Dreams’ follows families as they trudge toward an uncertain future, as President Trump closes the US border to their plight.

5. Moving Migrants

What prompted the deluge of Hondurans to leave their home and head for asylum in the United States? ‘Moving Migrants’ examines the issues forcing people to leave their country, and joins them on the long walk to the Mexican border with the US.

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