Go back in history in RTD’s top 5 re-enactment documentaries

To some, it may appear to be playing at soldiers but for those taking part, it’s much more. Historical recreations of battles and voyages are the subject of RTD’s re-enactment documentaries. Taking part in re-enactments can be a useful tool for research into practical history, understanding how things happened as well as why. Here are the top 5 fascinating re-enactment documentaries on RTD.com.

1. Attack of the Dead Men

The film Attack of the Dead Men illustrates the re-enactment of a deadly battle during World War I. Early in the war dogged Russian soldiers defended a fortress on the Prussian border against overwhelming odds. It wasn’t until the Germans began using poison gas that the defenders had to retreat.

2. Borodino: Version 2012

On the 200th anniversary of the Battle of Borodino, hundreds of re-enactors from around the world came to Russia to relive Napoleon’s ultimate battle at the doors of Moscow. The largest and bloodiest battle of Napoleon’s campaign against Russia is meticulously re-enacted on the original battleground. The preparation and battle re-enactment are detailed in the documentary Borodino: Version 2012.

3. Gangut: The Tide Breaker

Recreating naval battles is much more complicated than on land. The re-enactment of the Battle of Gangut had to be planned in intricate detail to ensure it went off without a hitch or any injuries. The film Gangut: The Tide Breaker illustrates Russia’s first naval victory which saw Peter the Great’s fleet defeat a Swedish armada.

4. War and Peace Roads

Battle re-enactments take place all over the world. In the documentary War and Peace Roads, we join a group of Russian re-enactors as they visit the UK to take part in a mock battle. The journey is an opportunity to take in historic battlefields of World War II.

5. (Atlantic) Ocean’s Eighteen

The film documents a voyage across the Atlantic by a replica of Peter the Great’s flagship The Shtandart. The crew of volunteers has a chance of a lifetime to relive sailing a tall ship across the vast ocean. It’s an opportunity to understand what life was like for sailors centuries ago.

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