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Dragon of Afghanistan

Bruce Lee lookalike adored by youth, reviled by Islamic fundamentalists

People on the streets of Kabul call Abbas Alizada the “Afghan Bruce Lee.” After his striking resemblance to the Chinese martial arts icon made him a social media star, he took a year to work on himself and become even more like his hero. His makeover was a smashing success. Today, Abbas uses his celebrity to inspire other young Afghan athletes, but fame has come with a price – he now must be wary every time he leaves his house. 

Abbas Alizada, the bruce Lee lookalike, displays his muscular torso. Shot taken while fiming RTD documentary Dragon of Afghanistan.
"Sport is my only goal. (...) It has shown me the way to perfection, which I've pursued with considerable success", says Abbas Alizada about his quest to become an Afghan version of his hero, Bruce Lee.