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Following The Great Tea Road

Exploring tea, an ancient drink and a pillar of Chinese culture

Every stop on the route from Shangri-La to Puer has a connection to tea - one of the oldest beverages - native to China and a pillar of Chinese culture. The village of Shaksi, which saw the road in its prime, the Tea Road museum in Lijiang, and a thousand-year-old tea tree in Kuanhong - are all part of the Chinese tea culture.

Over the years, the Tea Horse Road served as a major trade artery with Tibet and became a means of cultural exchange. Today, when new modern roads were built, this route no longer serves its old purposes and has become a tourist destination. It is famous for its beautiful architecture, scenic landscapes, and, of course, the tea culture. So what was a day of a regular Tea Horse Road packer like? What are the important tips for proper leaf-picking and drying? Watch our film, and you’ll find out!