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I Married a Hologram

An unusual love story of a Japanese man and a Vocaloid hologram

Back in high school, Kondo Akihiko, a shy young man from Japan, was convinced he would never marry. But in 2018, he met Hatsune Miku — a famous virtual singer, when she appeared on the market in the form of a hologram in a glass tube. Akihiko fell in love with the hologram and bought himself a gate box with Miku for $2,700. Many of Akihiko’s relatives and colleagues didn’t welcome his choice and distanced themselves from him. So did Miko’s fans, for that matter. Some of them even sent threats to Akihiko. However, the phenomena of fictosexuals, or people attracted to fictional characters, is gaining popularity. In the film, Akihiko tells his love story, describes his daily life with Miku and explains why he would never leave Miku for a real girl.