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Me and My Lions

A man sold his apartment to rescue a pride

Canned hunting is when lions are gunned down in an enclosed space and has become a popular pastime in South Africa, though killing one beast will cost $50,000. Aleksey, a biologist from Moscow, who relocated to South Africa to be close to his favourite animals, sold his apartment to buy 8 lions to keep them safe. Later, two more lions ended up in his care — Aleksey got them as a gift.  He spends so much time with the lions he doesn't even have any for a real family.

He's unmarried and doesn't have kids and only visits his Russian relatives occasionally, but they admire his dedication and fully support him. Aleksey feeds and plays with his lions, making sure they stay healthy and don't get bored. His recent initiative was to organise the One Cat Foundation with other lion enthusiasts as a body to protect lions. Ten thousand lions are under threat because of the bill waiting to be passed in South Africa.

Will Aleksey and his colleagues find a way to save the lions once again?