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US Prison for Afghanistan

Haji Ghalib: from Anti-Taliban combat to Guantanamo

In 2003, Haji Ghalib, an Afghan anti-Taliban fighter, was arrested by the US military under unfounded terrorism allegations. He went through two American prisons, including Guantanamo, where he was brutally tortured. Along with other prisoners, Haji Ghalib was savagely beaten, bitten by specially trained dogs, sleep-deprived, and underwent systematic humiliation. While some of his co-prisoners broke down and committed suicide, Haji Ghalib never gave up. 

Haji Ghalib’s life is an incessant fight. After being found innocent, Haji Ghalib returned to Afghanistan and rose in arms against the Taliban and ISIL. Though he was removed from his official post as head of a district, he continues to play a leading role in the anti-Taliban resistance movement. 

In  pursuit of Haji Ghalib’s head, the Taliban have already killed most of the man’s family. What other losses will he have to suffer during his fight?