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This is China: Yangshan City Port

The world’s biggest container port opens new Silk Road for shipping

Yangshan city port is the world’s busiest container port. Built in record time on reclaimed islands off Shanghai’s coast, it is a key element in China’s Belt and Road initiative to build a global logistical infrastructure network.

Port controllers and operators demonstrate for RTD how they load and unload giant container ships in record time. On a visit to the Maritime Silk Road Museum on Haling Island in Guangdong province, a tenth-century shipwreck, the Nahai 1, shows there is nothing new in China’s drive to conquer the world through technological innovation. So, what’s coming next?

Cranes and container ships at Yangshan container port in China. Still taken from RTD documentary Yangshan City Port in the 'This is China' series.
Yangshan city port handles more containers than any other port in the world, and it's determined to hold on to its top spot.