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After Terror

Survivors carry on after major terror attacks in Russia

Anna was on her way to university to take some exams, Mikhail was at a railway station on a business trip, Valentina had popped out to the market, and Inna was enjoying an outdoor rock festival with friends. Then, in a flash, their lives suddenly changed forever. All are victims of terrorism.

Over the past 25 years, more than 200 terror attacks have taken place in Russia. Thousands have been killed, and many more injured. The lives of the victims’ friends and relatives have been turned upside down. While some still struggle to comprehend the senseless loss of life, others try to help maimed family members cope with their disabilities.

Now, the survivors share the horrors they’ve lived through. They have had to adjust to living without limbs, sight, and more, but are determined not to let this derail their lives.