Gaming 4 life

It’s no surprise to say that computers play a vital role in our lives. For some they provide entertainment for others they’re a tool to generate income. For a few though, computers become a serious and problematic addiction.

Three different stories of people who all spend more than 10 hours a day in front of a computer. RTD explores the potential outcomes.

Sergey Bidzan a professional gamer and captain  of the Russian team  “Rox Kis” strives to win a cyber competition in Kiev. He makes his living from gaming  but has an stable personal life. Despite countless hours in an alternative cyber reality. he manages to maintain the boundary between passion and obsession.

But that line is not always so clear; young Alexander Fokin suffers from computer addiction. Daily disruption is a regular event in the Fokin household.

Tall, strong  and ready to defeat all enemies who stand in his way. That’s how Alexander Zenko appears online. In the real world though, this gamer is wheelchair bound. For him the computer is his only way to keep in touch with the world, train his muscles and exercise his mind.

Meet the players, their families, psychologists and neurosurgeons to learn the ins and outs and consequences of computer gaming dependence.