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No Fun in the Sun

If Sunlight could kill you, live to the full by night!

Camp Sundown is much like any typical summer camp with children running around and playing outdoors. The difference is that these young campers have all their fun after dark! 

They live with rare genetic disorder, xerodermia pigmentosum, or XP, that cause extreme sensitivity to sunlight. Even the tiniest exposure to sunshine could cause serious harm including tumours and even deadly skin cancers. While there is no cure, the families do all they can to protect the children from the potentially deadly daylight and Camp Sundown allows them to make friends and play, the way all children should. 

RTD’s Aleksey Brazhnikov joins the ‘moonlight’ children and their families at the unique camp to learn about the challenges involved in always having to avoid the sun. He meets the family who founded Camp Sundown and their visitors to discover the precautions they need to take if they can venture out at all, and sees why one family loves going for picnics in the rain.