Cancer Documentaries

RTD’s cancer documentaries explore every way in which the Big C touches people’s lives. Our crew meet a former patient who fought against the killer through dance and learned about the hope-giving Equatorian dwarf tribe with immunity to the disease. Our films look into the lives of those whose skin makes them particularly vulnerable to melanoma, from Africa to the US. RTD’s cancer documentaries also dig deeper into the environmental and social causes of cancer, from skin bleaching products to illegal rubbish dumps. An RTD series follow patients in palliative care in Russia while Dutch volunteers take terminally ill patients out for one last outing.

Dying cancer patient on a gurney being hugged by his two grown-up daughters, next to an “Ambulance Wish Foundation” ambulance. Still taken from RTD documentary Last Wishes.
Love and the right support can help cancer patients feel alive right until the last day of their lives.

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