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Scavengers of a Bishkek Landfill

Scavengers at a Bishkek landfill end up there for many reasons. Some lost their home, and others suffered from substance abuse. Sergey did 25 years in prison. Although he’s a professional carpenter, his criminal record keeps him from getting a job. For many scavengers, the dump is the only source of income.

Many toil away all day long, ignoring pain and health hazards. The little money they make is enough to cover daily expenses. Dumpsite residents regularly come across dead bodies and abandoned babies. The documentary offers an inside look at life on a dump, as locals share their tragedies. What’s their life like? How much money do they make? Is it possible to escape such a life?

The Dump documentary is part of our new project, aRTel. Aspiring documentary filmmakers can submit their works on aRTeldoc.com to participate in a contest. The English version of the website will be available soon. Give your film a try or vote for the participants here https://arteldoc.com/#contest_tab_poll