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Cold turkey in Kyrgyzstan

The Nazaraliev drug rehab centre in Kyrgyzstan cures addicts using rocks and shock therapy

The Nazaraliev drug rehab centre in the vast and remote steppes of Kyrgyzstan offers hope to drug addicts who have to overcome physical and psychological dependence on controlled substances. For many addicts and their families, this medical centre in Kyrgyzstan is their last hope.

The Nazaraliev drug rehab in Kyrgyzstan
Patients at the Nazaraliev Medical Centre pick a stone to represent their pain and addiction and then carry it on a long therapeutic ‘pilgrimage’. At the end of their spiritual journey, patients throw their stones onto a heap.

At the Nazaraliev drug rehab centre, patients try both traditional treatment and shock therapy. Anyone who experiences withdrawal is put into an induced coma to avoid pain and suffering. Before leaving, some patients are given the chance of a therapeutic ‘pilgrimage’, a 250-kilometre hike over rough terrain to face up to and confront their inner demons. 

The Nazaraliev drug rehab
Sometimes specialists at the centre decide that 'stress-energetic psychotherapy' is the best option. This puts the patient into a trans-like state with bright lights, shouting, and aggressive clapping; all meant to “re-programme” the drug users.

RTD follows Dr Nazaraliev’s patients as they set out on a path to recovery. Evgeny, Sergey and Gleb have all made it to Kyrgyzstan in search of help but will they go all the way to get clean?