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Love Commandos

Saving inter-caste couples from honour killings

Like many young men, Bardip fell in love with a girl at college, got married, and settled down to have a family. However, four years later, he and his parents were murdered by the bride’s relatives, who were angry that she had married outside her caste and without their consent. Such Nuptials, though legal, are considered a dark stain on the reputation of parents.

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Seventy percent of marriages in India are still arranged and young couples that dare to marry for love risk honor killings, severe beatings, and kidnappings. The police often do little or are even complicit in these cases.

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Until recently, star-crossed lovers had nowhere to hide if an offended family decided to take revenge. That began to change in 2010 with the formation of ‘Love Commandos’. These volunteers provide legal aid, safe housing, and protection for lovebirds that have fallen afoul of India’s strict societal customs.