News Team Episode 5

Peter Oliver remains in Kiev, Ukraine, where violence continues to escalate. Improvised f ire bombs and heavy stones fly over flaming barricades of tyres and burnt-our cars. Taking advantage of a brief hiatus in the conflict between anti-government protesters and police, Peter manages to get closer to the barricades, just before violence erupts again with renewed vigour.

Meanwhile, Paula Slier is in another Ukrainian city, Donetsk, covering a pro-government protest - an event that goes largely underreported in mainstream Western media. She interviews participants about why they support the government in its stance against joining the EU. When her work is done, Paula reveals what she loves about working as a reporter.

While his colleagues cover the escalating Ukrainian conflict, Egor Piskunov is whiling away the hours in Montreux, Switzerland waiting for the outcome of the Geneva II peace talks on Syria.

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