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The Highland Teacher

A teacher navigates through treacherous terrain to reach his students in a highland village

In the heart of the rugged mountains of Dagestan, a small school struggled for years to find an English teacher for its students. Despite the breathtaking landscapes and the rustic charm of rural life, the road to this school can be utterly perilous. However, Musakay Musakaev’s resolve wasn’t swayed by the challenges - everyday, he spends 4 hours commuting to work on impassable roads, where rockfalls, landslides, and floods from mountain rivers pose threats. Friends advised the rural teacher to quit his job and find another one in the city - more profitable and comfortable. But Musakay instead, jumps into his car and drives to the school. Inspiring children and giving them a chance for a better future is what motivates Musakay to take such risks.