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The Highland Teacher

A teacher navigates through treacherous terrain to reach his students in a highland village

Musakay Musakaev is an English teacher. Every day, he spends five hours driving to reach his students in Ingerdakh - a high mountain village in Dagestan, Russia. During rainstorms, a landslide occurs, washing away the road. Sometimes, Musakay even has to wade across rivers. Despite offers of more lucrative and easier jobs from friends, he maintains that teaching these children is his calling. How did Musakay end up as a teacher of a school in the heart of the mountain peaks?
On his way to work, Musakay Musakaev, an English teacher, faces rockfalls, landslides, and floods from mountain rivers. Yet, he courageously navigates through these hazards to reach Ingerdakh, a high mountain village in Dagestan, Russia, to teach his students.