Ballet a la Russe (E10): A “trial by fire” to get a dancing job inside the Kremlin walls.

Soloist Dmitry Prusakov stays true to classical Russian ballet. When the Moscow Ballet company he worked for switched to a contemporary dance repertoire, he took the decision to leave. He wasn't out of work for long, though, as he was soon hired by the prestigious Kremlin Ballet company, which is situated within the Kremlin walls in the very heart of Moscow.

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The company's prestigious status means its dancers are under constant pressure, and newbies are no exception. No sooner does Dmitry arrive than he’s given a “trial by fire” – he’s assigned the important role of Farlaf in the ballet, “Ruslan and Lyudmila”. Challenging as it is, this is also his chance to prove himself to his new colleagues, many of whom have been with the company for years. His partner, Aleksandra Timofeeva, has been performing in Kremlin since she was 16. She is curious to see how Dmitry will handle the pressure.

Dmitry is acutely aware that he has an understudy who will replace him should he fail. He's determined to do his utmost to make sure this does not happen.