Ballet a la Russe (E8): Overcoming a serious injury to get back on stage

Anna and Ivan, two of the contestants from the "Arabesque" ballet competition, are fired up to compete again - this time in Sochi. Unfortunately, just a few weeks before the contest, Anna breaks her foot. She still hopes to recover in time, but her chances seem to shrink with every medical test she undergoes. Anna and Ivan are more than just dance partners, they are also husband and wife. Eventually, Ivan must decide whether to go to the contest alone or drop out.  

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The pair are the lead dancers in the Natalya Sats Children’s Music Theatre. Today, however, Anna has to watch another dancer take her place on stage. One ballerina's misfortune is another one’s stroke of luck. However, no matter what the doctors say, Anna has no plans to be sidelined for long. Her choreographers encourage her to begin training asap. Ivan feels protective of his wife, but his concerns are dismissed by everyone else.

Soon, however, Anna discovers that she has been given a much more difficult role than she anticipated. She is also aware that her contract prevents her from turning down a part. It seems she has little choice but to agree to it - will she cope?

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