Ballet a la Russe (E5): The perks and sacrifices of going on tour

The Russian Ballet ensemble continues their tour of Germany. Anna can’t wait to enjoy her day off, but all of a sudden she’s required to join the dancers in “Swan Lake”. To add to her disappointment, she discovers that she won’t be dancing the leading role.

On the bright side, she and Vladimir – her boyfriend and dance partner – finally get a chance to take a stroll around a German city. It’s a luxury their schedule doesn’t normally allow for. They enjoy the quaint beauty of Chemnitz before the team heads off to Frankfurt.

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Meanwhile, Dmitry learns that his baby daughter, whom he hasn’t seen for two months, has taken her first steps. He’s upset to have missed this important milestone in his child’s life. On top of this distress, he is also succumbing to a cold. Suddenly he is tasked with dancing two shows in a row. This amounts to a gruelling 4.5-hour performance. Will his professionalism get him through, or will it prove too much for the dancer?

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