Ballet a la Russe (E3): A ballet school newbie gets a lead role. Will she cope?

Sofia Valiulina is one of the new recruits at the Vaganova Academy of Russian Ballet. She’s top of her class, and together with two other girls is given the part of Masha (Clara) in Tchaikovsky’s ballet “The Nutcracker”. It’s the first time that first graders are being trusted with the part and it means a lot of responsibility and pressure. Sofia is aware that with two other girls also learning the part, she could have it taken away from her at any moment. With this competition in mind, she must work hard to impress her teachers.

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Meanwhile, professional ballet dancer Arutyun decides to get back to work after a recent foot operation. He goes against his doctor’s advice and takes full responsibility for his actions. His passion for ballet stops him from waiting for his injury to fully heal. To minimise the risks, his friend suggests some changes in Arutyun’s dancing routine. As the performance commences, something strange begins to happen on stage – one by one, dancers start to fall. While the cause remains unknown, Arutyun must do his best to avoid this fate, as it could be very dangerous for a foot that’s still not fully healed.

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