Ballet a la Russe (E6): Partners on stage and in life: it takes teamwork to pull off a great performance

The Russian Ballet’s dancers are back from their successful but exhausting tour of Germany. Normally, they’d expect a week-long holiday after such an endeavour, but this time it’s different. Without being granted any time off, they commence rehearsals of their long-awaited show “The Last Tango”. The show had to be cancelled prior to the tour as the lead dancer, Anna, was ill. Now they have to make up for it.

The concern is that Anna may be too tired to pull off her performance. Luckily, her dance partner, Vladimir, is also her boyfriend. He takes it upon himself to help Anna stay sharp and focused. With his support and occasional nudging, she manages to do the dance almost flawlessly. Lead dancers may be the true stars of the show, but the importance of teamwork for the success of a performance can’t be overstated.